“The hyperbole ruined my home.”

^Words you won’t be saying when you find yourself too busy enjoying your new smart home to even look up what that means.

You get Safety.

Link your home to a security company. Connect with the police station. Use fingerprint locks. Install motion sensors. Have security cameras. Equip your home with all you need to feel safe, so you can rest knowing your family can enjoy each other’s company, and no one else’s.

You get Energy Efficiency.

A smart home isn’t just a cushier place to live; it helps you fight the battle against climate change. Because it can be programmed to use less power when you’re away from the house and automatically turn back on when you return, it’s saving energy that otherwise would have gone to waste. With your new appliances that save energy, you seeing drastic changes in your carbon footprint and heartwarming results on your monthly bills.

You get Calm.

You get to enjoy peace, quiet, and stillness…if you choose.

Common tasks like checking the peephole to see who’s at the door, or turning down the thermostat when it’s reached that perfect cool temperature for sleep will all be replaced by intelligence that does it for you. This way, you can find that respite you’ve been searching for.

Our Services Include:

  • Alarm
  • Routers (including eero)
  • Wifi thermostat
  • Cameras
  • Detectors

How smart could your home be?

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